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This should get you started with using logECG quickly. You can learn more about logECG.

logECG allows users to log hours of power cut in their area. The use of logECG should revolve around these rules/guidelines.

logECG is open to the public, and no registration/login is required to read the available data. However, to log hours of power cut in your area, you need an account. You can sign up after receiving an invitation. Any account holder of logECG qualifies to invite others, and invitation is only through the use of emails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is logECG?

logECG, a website developed by a Ghanaian developer, is a crowd-source logging system for number of hours of power cut experienced by Ghanaians around the country. The number of hours logged could be interpreted in various ways for research and analysis

How reliable is data on logECG?

Data on logECG is neither 100% accurate, nor 0% reliable. I am always trying to improve on ways of effective data collection from trusted contributors, as well as improve on the code chewing and digesting the data to present meaningful results. logECG will continue to be refactored to ensure the best and trustworthy data is always available.

I can't search, why?

You will be able to search soon. Search will be opened for all to use in coming weeks. No ETA though.

Any plans for an API?

Yes, a very big plan. Currently planning on how to best present the API. My best bet currently is using the all-rich Django REST Framework.

Who are behind logECG?

The sole creator and developer is Rexford Nkansah. Although I work behind the scenes to keep the moving parts greased, almost all logged hours are by contributors like you. And I appreciate your feedback which keeps things runnings smoothly

Is logECG Open Source? Where's the Source Code?

Yes, logECG is Open Source. The Source Code is on my computer and in a private repository on BitBucket. I plan to make the repository public as soon as possible. I'm currently working on some fixes and factoring out some sensitive data first. 

I want to support. How can I?

You can request invitation, and start logging power cut hours happening in your area. The more hours logged from different places, the better insights we gain. If you find that boring and want to contribute code, please email me, and I'll be willing to share repository with you in private mode, so you could work along.

If you still find all that boring, and want to donate, you can. Please do so at Gritipay. That's still not enough? Well, please grab me a ticket to Mars, the one-way trip ticket. Thanks.

logECG runs what software(s)?

Main ingredient is Django (web framework based on Python) among other packages, notably, Django Allauth among others.

I have a question but not answered here?

Please email me at hello [at], anytime, and I'll be happy to respond as soon as possible.